Shadows of the Night pb

Gibbs Smith

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"A year in the life of the Little Brown Bat is beautifully depicted in both the text and the illustrations of this natural science picture book. Bash opens a world of shadows and night sounds to young readers, communicating in an unsensational way the creature's complexity and grace. Her watercolor illustrations are evocative and realistic, conveying mood as well as the motion of the small, swooping creature she describes." --Booklist

"Beginning with the spring gathering of 'maternity colonies' in steeples, barn rafters and chimneys, readers learn about bat behavior, biology and the basics of echolocation. Luminous watercolors and lively information present the world's only flying mammals in a sympathetic, even endearing light." --Publishers Weekly

"Bash's illustrative talents shine. . . . An excellent choice." --School Library Journal, starred review

"An artist's eye is apparent in each dramatic spread. . . . Beautiful and informative." --Kirkus, pointer review

When many of the earth's creatures are seeking shelter for the night, bats are waking and beginning to hunt. In this delightful picture book, award-winning author and artist Barbara Bash guides readers into the shadowy world of the Little Brown Bat, one of the most common species in North America.