Know Your State Activity Book Washington

Gibbs Smith

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Kids can now practice their skills in vocabulary, reading, writing, social studies, math, and science while getting to know the state they love!

Each Know Your State activity book features more than 250 pages of interactive learning activities that guide kids through the history and geography of their great state, while simultaneously reinforcing what they are learning in school.

Learn the difference between foothills and plateaus by labeling an illustrated map; find out what a petroglyph is and how to write a Tanka poem about the place where you live; predict the weather by learning about the three main types of clouds; create a map to scale of your bedroom using a map grid; and build a working compass from a needle and a cork.

The Know Your State series will help them find themselves immersed in creative, standards-based learning all year long!

Megan Hansen Moench has taught elementary education in public schools; created district-level programs to help students learn writing, mathematics, and language arts; and has worked on several state textbook programs for Gibbs Smith Education. Megan holds degrees in elementary and special education as well as an endorsement for English Language Learner Instruction, and is currently working on her Reading Instruction endorsement. She runs a website that offers free educational resources for parents and teachers,, and lives in Kaysville, Utah.