Russian Slanguage

Gibbs Smith

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This latest volume in the popular Slanguage series is geared toward helping you learn how to speak Russian, either for your next trip to Moscow or to talk with your great aunt Zlata from the old country. Just follow the illustrated prompts and read the English words out loud. Soon you’ll be speaking simple Russian words and phrases well enough to be understood—such as Good evening (Doe Bray Vee Sure) and How are you? (Cock Tee).

The simple icons are easy to follow and this pocket-sized guide is easy to carry with you. It will give you the basic words and phrases you need for greeting people, asking directions, ordering food at a restaurant, shopping, and dozens of other common situations. And best of all, it’s a fun and quick way to learn Russian!

Mike Ellis is a Web designer with expertise in e-commerce, online marketing, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing. He runs the popular Web site and is the author of eleven previous Slanguage books. Mike helps run a youth athletic league and loves coaching kids in his spare time. He lives with his family near Philadelphia.Learn hundreds of Russian words and phrases the fun and unique Slanguage way!