California Roll Lucky Puzzle 1000 Piece

Gibbs Smith

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$19.99 USD

Make your way down the coast from Carmel to Mexico to see the sea life in artist Charles Lynn Bragg’s creation, California Roll. There is plenty of activity above and below the water. The sea otters are living in harmony with the octopus, sea lions, and starfish. Remember to breathe as you put together the colorful underwater puzzle pieces. It’s easy to get distracted. The surf is up!

Charles Lynn Bragg loves surfing and California, having spent thousands of hours in the water, in all kinds of conditions; calm, stormy, lightening, water spouts and small surf to gigantic epic conditions. From Carmel to Mexico and the Channel Islands, he has seen all of the animal life that is in California Roll. Besides surfing, he dives just offshore and in the Channel Islands and Catalina. California Roll is kind of like a painting of his home.