Pasta, Pizza & Wine Lucky Puzzle 1000 Piece

Gibbs Smith

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$19.99 USD

We hope you brought your appetite for freshly baked bread, homemade pasta, and a perfect bottle of Chianti. The Pasta, Pizza, and Wine puzzle will take you right to the dinner tables of Italy. Have a seat. The artist Lewis T Johnson uses vintage European advertisements that depict colorful illustrations, to create a rich and detailed collage that is perfect for puzzling. Dinner is served!

Lew Johnson creates and licenses art to jigsaw puzzle companies in the US and abroad. Over the years he has built up a following of enthusiastic puzzlers around the world. Many of his designs are best sellers and have been in print for several years. Lew’s versatile abilities and experience as a professional illustrator & designer coupled with passionate attention to detail, color and design are key ingredients he puts into each and every puzzle he creates.