Jams & Jellies in Less Than 30 Minutes

Gibbs Smith

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Homemade jams without the stress and mess.

These jams and jellies are not only yummy on toast and biscuits, but they also turn fish to delish, go neat with meat, and dress up cheese in a breeze!

For the creative cook who has no time to spare, Jams and Jellies in 30 Minutes or Less is the answer. Simple cooking directions and ingredients are the keys to quick and successful refrigerator jams that can be eaten the same day they're prepared, or savored for up to three weeks. No canning required!

  • Pineapple Pleasure
  • Onion Jam
  • Tomato Ginger Jam
  • Southern Ambrosia
  • Sour Orange Marmalade
  • Freezer Black Cherry Jam
  • Cranberry Pear Relish
  • Jalapeno Jelly
  • Garlic Galore
  • Champagne Jelly
  • Cantaloupe Jam
  • Guava Jam
  • Mimosa Jam
  • Flowers & Strawberry Jam
  • Grapefruit Marmalade
  • Orange Sauterne Jelly
  • Papaya Tropics Jam
  • Mango Madness Spread
  • Pineapple/Carrot Jam
  • Lime Jelly
  • Herb Jelly
  • Violet Jam
  • Beet Jelly
  • Fig Jam
  • Green Tomato Jelly/Mock Raspberry
  • Framboise Raspberry Jam
  • Pumpkin Jam
  • Pear and Cranberry Jam

Pamela Bennett grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and graduated from Crofts College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She owned and operated Black Sheep Baskets in Dallas, Texas, which featured her jams. She now lives in Provo, Utah.