Earth Knack

Gibbs Smith

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Earth Knack is a comprehensive how-to book for using Stone Age skills to fulfill your daily needs from materials readily at hand. Anyone who tries these ideas will find them environmentally appropriate and uniquely fulfilling.

Here are just a few skills to enrich you experience and give you a feeling of self reliance.

-Twist and weave strong cord and rope from plant and animal fibers.

-Learn the basics of flintknapping.

-Boil a batch of natural hide glue, one of the strongest adhesives known.

-Extract natural dyes and pigments from earth and plants.

-Create a flute, drum or tambourine for hours of musical fun.

-Cut and stitch an elegant buckskin skirt or shirt.

-Mold a clay pot for cooking.

-Brew pine needle tea or mix a batch of acorn muffins