Seek & Find Biomes

Gibbs Smith

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Learn about the plants and animals in nine unique biomes with fun facts, engaging questions, and intricate illustrations.

A biome is a naturally occurring community of diverse plants and animals. Explore your world top to bottom with Seek & Find Biomes to learn what makes each one totally unique and see if you can spot the recurring shapes hidden throughout the illustrations. Did you know that jaguars have been known to hunt in the Sonoran Desert? Or that the Amazon, the most powerful river in the world, is home to the unique pink river dolphin? Seek and find these creatures and many more in their natural biomes. A helpful glossary provides details for further discovery.

Jorrien Peterson is one half of the husband/wife design duo Fell, focusing on design with a sense of place. Fell specializes in a minimal approach to illustration and believes there is beauty in simplicity. Jorrien’s work has been featured in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, the Association of Illustrators World Illustration Awards, the AIGA Salt Lake City 100 Show, Design Arts Utah, the Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon, and Stationery Trends.