Young Scientist's Guide to Defying Disasters with Skill & Daring

Gibbs Smith

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An insider's guide to the science and mechanics of planet Earth.

If you have a thirst for adventure and dodging danger then welcome! You are now part of a very elite and specialized group of explorers who, by the end of this book, will have the firsthand skills and know-how to defy even the most dangerous situations on earth.

Complete with hands-on experiments, A Young Scientist's Guide to Defying Disasters is your guide to surviving anything planet Earth can throw at you! Ever conquered a limnic eruption or a lahar? No? Well kit up, engage your brain and prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime.

James Doyle was born in inner city Belfast at the height of the notorious 'Troubles,' a period which shaped and greatly impacted him and his entire family. From an early age he dodged the bullets and bombs of the city by immersing himself in books about far-flung, exotic places. He is a full-time teacher of Geography at Our Lady & St. Patrick's College in Belfast.