Yay, Us!

Gibbs Smith

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$14.99 USD

A fill-in-the-blank gift book to celebrate any milestone with your favorite person.

A million times better than a boring greeting card, Yay, Us! is a whole book all about you and your #1! Fill it out for your best friend, your partner, your favorite sibling, or work spouse for just about any occasion. Amusing prompts encourage you to reflect on the quirks that make the two of you so awesome. Free to be silly (or serious), create a one-of-a-kind gift with fill-in-the-blanks such as: We’ll be remembered for being __________ and _______; No one enjoys my _________ the way you do; I can’t believe we used to ________! And the best/worst practical joke we ever played was on ________– and lists such as: What we’d buy at an antique store; what we’d do if it were our last day on earth; and what we would do together if we were in jail . . . because sometimes one line isn’t enough.