Santa Monica Pier

Gibbs Smith

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This revised edition takes the history of the Santa Monica Pier even deeper, with new information and photographs that fans of the world’s famed pleasure piers and the historic venues of Southern California will find entertaining and informative.

Celebrate a century of good times on the Santa Monica Pier, with the revised edition of Santa Monica Pier: America’s Last Great Pleasure Pier! Vintage images and magnificent color photos capture this beloved international icon at its very best, now updated with more images and information than ever before. Its dramatic story of survival —fighting Mother Nature, politics and changing times—makes Santa Monica Pier more than a landmark, more than a pleasure pier or a must see on the West Coast. Santa Monica Pier is a slice of American history to be enjoyed again and again and again.

James Harris is a multi-talented executive and producer with a background in event concepts and management, facility/venue rentals, and non-profit management. He is the official Santa Monica Pier historian, as well as the Executive Director of the Santa Monica Pier Corporation. The Santa Monica pier is his favorite place in the world, and as Executive Director and pier historian he loves to share his knowledge and passion for the pier with the people of Southern California. James currently resides in Santa Monica.