Shooting Star

Gibbs Smith

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$16.99 USD

Enter the wonderfully whimsical world of Maria Trolle! This coloring book includes 77 all-new illustrations featuring delightful creatures, lush greenery, and starry skies.

Welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world of Maria Trolle!

Enter a timeless place of lush greenery and starry skies. Here, Earth’s wonders include delightful creatures, shimmering glades, and lush forests, below an open sky adorned with comets and shooting stars. Take a peaceful moment and enjoy the magnificent plant kingdom and all the magical figures that populate Maria Trolle’s world.

When a star falls, you get to wish for something: a hopeful reminder that we all have the opportunity to find something that brings us happiness. This all-new collection provides whimsical scenes to color and explore, designed to spark creativity, joy, and imagination.

Maria Trolle is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, Sweden. Her passion for gardening inspires her art, which is filled with plants, vegetables, flowers, and whimsical creatures of all kinds.