Morning at the Farm with Mr. Bojangles

7 Cats Press

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Have a blast exploring the farm with Mr. Bojangles, an adorable cat who sings his own silly version of that famous E-I-E-I-O song as he visits his animal friends.

“An emissary for farm life comes in a sweet feline package, or is it just a cute and cuddly guide to what goes on in a farm settling?....Mr. Bojangles is a charming new friend and so are his farmyard pals.”—School Library Journal

Mr. Bojangles will show you around the farm and introduce you to all of his favorite animals. As he walks, he sings. Mr. Bojangles had a farm E-I-E-I-O…

Mr. Bojangles is based on one of the seven beloved barn cats who live at the Gibbs Smith office and inspired the name of the 7 Cats Press imprint.