Kevin Belton

Kevin Belton, a teacher of the fundamentals of Louisiana cooking for over twenty years, is an instructor at The New Orleans School of Cooking and has been recognized as one of the top thirty Louisiana chefs by the American Culinary Federation.

Belton explores the distinctive Creole food of New Orleans in his PBS cooking series. He has been a featured chef and guest on numerous food programs including Emeril Live, Ready . . . Set . . . Cook!, Live Love Lunch, Food Fighters, Taste of America, and Eating in the Bayou. Belton's mission is to "get you to
cook and then to sit down with your family or invite a friend over and share that meal."


  • This self-trained chef began cooking under the watchful eye of his mother and grandmother in the uptown New Orleans where he grew up.
  • In 1999, Kevin was the co-host and chef on the BBC series Big Kevin, Little Kevin.
  • Kevin has taught over 7,000 lessons in his 30 years of teaching cooking.
  • He calls his ancestry a gumbo of English, French, Native American and African.
  • In July 2021, season four of his popular cooking show begins airing on PBS stations across the United States.