101 Things to Do With a BBQ, new edition

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The new edition has a groovy new look to showcase all the easy-to-make 101 recipes using a backyard grill in this bestselling cookbook from a series with over 3 million copies sold.

The new edition of Steve Tillett’s 101 Things to Do With a BBQ, with its with Helpful Hints, Advanced Grilling Tips, bonus section on superb Sauces and Rubs, and 101 recipes, will have you becoming a backyard-barbeque guru for outdoor grilling and summer parties in no time. These fantastic recipes for barbeque of all varieties—from appetizers to desserts to vegetarian solutions—prove that the grill is the best and easiest summertime cooking option.

Get out of the kitchen with amazingly simple recipes like Poppin' BBQ Popcorn, Grilled Onion Bloom, Seafood Pesto Pizza, Island-Style Sirloin Strips, Smoky Mopped Chicken, Boy’s-Night-Out Orange Ribs, Parmesan Halibut, and even desserts like Chocolate Banana Bang-a-Rang and Grilled Cantaloupe. The eatin’s gonna be good!

Along with a new design, the book is now a concealed spiral-bound flexi paperback.

Steve Tillett, along with writing 101 Things to Do With a BBQ, is also the author of Grill It Up: Flavorful & Fun Recipes for the BBQ. Tillett specializes in creating recipes for the backyard barbecue grill, and lives in Portland, Oregon.