101 Things to Do With Grits, new edition

Gibbs Smith

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The new edition of 101 Things to Do With Grits has a groovy new look to showcase all the easy-to-make 101 recipes using grits in this bestselling cookbook from a series of over 3 million copies sold. Along with a new design, the book is now a concealed spiral-bound flexi paperback.

Grits have been called the “first truly American food.” But any Southern cook worth their salt knows it’s what you add to grits that makes them a delicious part of any meal. A simple porridge made from stone-ground hominy corn, grits can transform into anything from pancakes to appetizers and even desserts. Harriss Cottingham’s new edition of 101 Things to Do With Grits serves up inventive recipes for using grits at every meal, with tips and cooking techniques that show just how quick and versatile grits can be.

Featured recipes include Tropical Grit Fretters with Mango Salsa, Southern Grit Sushi, Grits Eggs Benedict, Country Ham and Grits with Redeye Gravy, Vanilla-Scented Grit Pancakes, Sweet Grits Porridge with Fresh Fruit, Lobster Tempura over Lemon-Scented Grits, Thai-Style Red Curry Grits, Hickory-Smoked Chicken over Pesto-Scented Grits, Bacon and Jalapeño Fried Grits, and Red Curry Grits—and even Chocolate Grits!

A true Southerner living in South Carolina, Harriss Cottingham knows grits. His passion for food began a young boy while taste-testing for his grandfather who was an amateur chef. Cottingham learned the culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University Culinary School in Charleston, South Carolina, and has worked in several fine dining restaurants, served as a guest chef at multiple events, and worked in the wine industry. He lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with his family.