Beam Me Up

Gibbs Smith

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Beam Me Up is the delightful story of uncovering the magic of what is possible when we dare to dream up into the night sky.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what awaits you out among the stars?
One little boy is about to discover what life might be like hitching a ride on an alien saucer…

In this wondrous tale, Fabian Ferguson thoroughly charms us with his heartwarming imagination as we follow one boy’s lovable alien saucer ride deep into the stars.

Fabian E. Ferguson is the proud owner of F. Ferguson Books, a children’s book company devoted to uplifting Black authors and Black lead characters, driven by his passion for creating stories for his son that he wished he had had as a child.

Fabian is a first-generation Panamanian-American, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He now lives with his wife and children in Atlanta, Georgia. You can still find him photographing the occasional wedding while being inspired by his children for his next storybook with more Black lead characters.