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A sweet life lesson for toddlers and their adults: Each bird has its own song, but when they all sing together, they make a beautiful chorus.

Every page turn of this chunky board book reveals a new layer of Margarida Esteves’s bright, graphic depictions of a variety of bird species adding their own cheerful sounds start the day. This is a nice wake-up book for little ones—if you listen carefully, you might even hear some of the birdsongs from your window.

Even before the sun comes up, little birds begin to chirp.
Wrens, sparrows, and finches chitter, while starlings and cardinals join with a twitter.
Bluebirds share their morning greetings as other birds offer happy tweetings.
Robins and blackbirds sing along, adding their cheerful notes to the song.
This musical dawn chorus is sung by birds from the city to the forest;
each adding their very special sound heard from the treetops all around.
While every feathered friend sings in their own unique way, their voices joined together in birdsong create a beautiful start to the day.

This is a lovely ode to songbirds with a gentle message on how each person adds their beautiful voice to the world’s chorus.

Birdsong is part of the LAYERED VIEW board book series celebrating the ways in which our differences make the world a diverse place. Whether examining the musical greetings of each bird in the treetops, the unique needs of every flower in a garden, or the special qualities of every puppy in a dog park, every die-cut page of a LAYERED VIEW book adds a level to the story—all building to one gorgeous, multidimensional scene perfect for displaying on a bookshelf or a bedroom shelf. Rich with special effects like foil and embossing, LAYERED VIEW board books are a beautiful, playful way to introduce new perspectives to the little learners in your life.

Margarida Esteves is an illustrator based in South London. She works digitally and uses bold and bright colors, lots of details, and rich textures in her illustrations. Maps, landscapes, and ballet dancers are some of her favorite things to draw. People, stories, long walks, and vintage illustration inspire her—with history holding a special place in her heart!