Christmas Blessing

Gibbs Smith

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A joyful retelling of the first Christmas through the perspective of the animals who offered their own special gifts to Jesus on the night He was born.

The Christmas Blessing is taken from a centuries-old folk song now brightly and thoughtfully illustrated. This traditional Christmas story is perfect to read to small children during the holidays to teach about the Nativity. Learn about the heart-felt gifts donkey, cow, camel, and other animals around the manger gave to baby Jesus, sharing their kindness, love, and joy!

This sweetly illustrated story is perfect for those looking to teach little ones about the Nativity with thoughtful rhymes.

Born and raised in Sheffield, England, James Newman Gray studied illustration at Wolverhampton University after a childhood spent sketching and painting. He went on to have a long career as an in-house illustrator for several greeting card publishers, including Hallmark cards, working on branded characters and also on original illustration. Over the years, this taught him to develop many different styles and to work in many different media. Although a large part of James’ illustrations are done digitally now, he still likes to do line-art in his sketchpad and get the paints out and make marks.