Corita Kent. Art and Soul. The Biography

Gibbs Smith

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CORITA KENT. ART AND SOUL. THE BIOGRAPHY. is the painstakingly researched account of one of America’s icons, the nun who made a world of difference and, to her surprise, simultaneously made a name for herself.

On the cover of Newsweek in 1967, Sister Mary Corita became known as the rebel nun. The prototype for every outspoken nun since. Yet Corita was never outspoken. A rebel, yes, but never outspoken. It was her artwork that spoke volumes. Her message was clear. Love. Peace. Joy. Godliness. With a unique calligraphic style and a playful spirit, Corita’s constructions or deconstructions of word and image shook up an art establishment that didn’t quite know what to do with a nun’s bold interpretation of her society.

For the very first time, Corita Kent. Art and Soul. The Biography. brings readers the life story, the telling artwork, and the unmistakable spirituality of the woman who rose to fame as Sister Mary Corita in the tumultuous 1960s.

April Dammann is a Hollywood native who established a writing career for television, film and theater. Exhibitionist was her first book. She is married to art dealer Ronald Dammann, the grandson of Earl Stendahl.