Dracula the Parlor Game

Gibbs Smith

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$24.99 USD

A laugh-out-loud mash-up party game for everyone, inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Dealt from a deck of 400 answer cards, complete modern musings such as, “The most attractive feature on a person is . . .” with phrases pulled directly from Bram Stoker himself.

Ideally suited to 4 players or more, ages 12 and up.

For fans of the classic horror novel Dracula, and for fans of anything but. Not even your high school English teacher knew classic literature could be this uproariously fun.

Sample prompt/response scenarios:

Ah, high school. It always makes me feel like:

  • a veritable prisoner.
  • a chorus of screams from the peasants.
  • a young man, full of energy and talent in his own way.
  • a coward and a fool.

If I had to wish anything on my worst enemy, it’d be:

  • four days in hell.
  • a constant dread of wild bulls.
  • a roaring and devouring monster.
  • the clammy hands of death.

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