For The People

Gibbs Smith

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150 years of Los Angeles crime -- direct from the files of the Los Angeles District Attorney.

With captivating visual and narrative portraits of headline-grabbing criminal cases, For the People charts the first 150 years of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, from its beginnings as a one-man operation to its modern-day emergence as the world’s largest local prosecutorial agency. This authorized history offers unique insight into the lawyers on both sides of some of the most significant and well-known courtroom dramas ever, and proves that truth is often dramatically stranger than fiction.

Author Michael Parrish chronicles a rich cross-section of true crime stories—showing how infamous killers such as Charles Manson and Night Stalker Richard Ramirez were brought to justice; how Julian Pete swindled thousand of ordinary investors in the 1920s oil boom; how Charles Keating defrauded thousands of Americans; how stripper Lili St. Cyr was prosecuted, unsuccessfully, for taking a bubble bath before a live audience at Ciro’s; and how Joseph P. Kennedy helped frame one of the biggest moguls of Hollywood's Golden Age and got away with it.