Ghostly, Ghastly Tales

Gibbs Smith

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Jam-packed with spine-tingling tales and haunting illustrations, this collection is inspired by cultures from around the world. Read them before bedtime or share them to spook your friends—if you dare!

“A collection of scary stories inspired by legends, lore, and history from around the world with the perfect amount of spooky for young horror fans….A horror anthology that will find an eager audience of young thrill seekers.”—School Library Journal

Each tale in this magical collection pulls you into a dark world of contemporary stories based on myths and legends from around the world. Haunted battlefields? Talking heads? Ghosts? Nefarious creatures in the night? Read all about spooky field trips, ghostly omens, cautionary tales, and more. Featuring stories inspired by folklore from Nigeria, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Iceland, England, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Ancient Egypt, Germany, Mexico, and the American South.

Anastasia Garcia is a Mexican-American writer of horror and speculative fiction. Her short fiction appears in online publications, podcasts, and print anthologies from Flame Tree Press and Hex Publishers. In 2022, Anastasia joined the Horror Writers Association and in 2020 Anastasia was awarded the Ladies of Horror Fiction writer’s grant. In her free time, Anastasia reads 50 books a year and runs an all-women book club called Fiction Addiction with over 2000 members.

Originally from Texas, Anastasia is heavily influenced by the local myths and legends. She now lives in New York City.

Teo Skaffa has lived in many places but currently lives in Istanbul. He grew up in a small town in the Netherlands you’ve probably never heard of. He uses simple shapes filled with texture and detail to tell a story and is grateful that he’s able to make a living by drawing, especially since he’s not particularly good at anything else.