Gotcha Day!

Gibbs Smith

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Adorable, candid photographs and the inspiring stories of over 60 rescue dogs and the humans who gave them their forever homes.

Meet Killian who is obsessed with clothes and just has to find the right outfit each morning; Jet who snores louder than a human; and Roger, who came to his family from a puppy mill and learned that people can be kind and loving.

Gotcha Day! spotlights the adoption tales of over 60 adorable rescue dogs and their new forever families. The unique personality of each pup shines through the candid photos by animal advocate and photographer Greg Murray, and their humans let us in on their inspiring stories, funny quirks, and all the many things that make them special.

Greg Murray is an award-winning animal photographer and rescue and pit bull advocate. His previous titles include Peanut Butter Dogs (2017), Pit Bull Heroes: 49 Underdogs with Resilience and Heart (2019) and Peanut Butter Puppies (2021). His work has been featured on Today and in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Elle, People, and other media outlets throughout the world. He lives near Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Kristen, their daughters, Evie and Beck, and their two rescue dogs, Leo and Kensie.