Homes of Quiet Elegance

Gibbs Smith

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Timeless architect-designed places meant to last for generations and serve as both backdrop and scrapbook for lives well lived.

Wade Weissmann has a passion for and commitment to creating significant and highly detailed luxury residences for clients who want homes where memories can be made and each generation can add their mark. WWA aims to create a certain quality that captures romance, beauty, and history no matter what or where the project is. Every place has a unique identity, with specific resources and limitations; yet the unifying element is clients who want to stretch all possibilities of the imagination to achieve something beautiful and lasting. From farmhouses and waterfront retreats to a high-rise unit, a sports barn, and a new greenhouse for an avid horticulturist, properties shown here will inspire readers with the range, versatility, and timelessness of both architectural styles and interiors. The properties are located in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Florida, and Southern California.

Wade Weissmann, founder and principal of Wade Weissmann Architecture, has carved out a niche for clients desiring custom, timeless design that is worthy of being passed down from generation to generation. Known for his incomparable design intuition, Wade’s talent and aesthetic sensibilities are matched only by his inherent warmth, integrity, and passion for life. At every professional turn, he strives to surround himself with the “best of the best,” believing wholeheartedly that a collaborative approach to design always yields the greatest results.

Wade earned his undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Wisconsin and his Master of Science in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. An active member of the American Institute of Architects and The Institute of Classic Architecture and Art, he is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, with offices in Santa Barbara and Pittsburgh.