Kid del Toro

Gibbs Smith

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Introduce your little ones to some new monsters in both English and Spanish! (You never know, they might end up being their lifelong friends!)

Best friends can be found anywhere…even behind the closet or under the bed? Yes! Inspired by the fantastical and delightful childhood stories told in interviews by Guillermo del Toro, Kid del Toro follows young Guillermo as he defies his Abuela to stay up late to read monster stories and unexpectedly meets his very first best friend.

Kid del Toro is the exciting debut picture book by animators CHOGRIN and Pakoto, a sweet and fantastical tale inspired by the visionary Guillermo del Toro's childhood love of Monsters. Parents will rave about this book because it’ll encourage their little one to be fearless (especially with things that go bump in the night) and to stand tall for themselves even in times of darkness.

Inspired by Guillermo del Toro's childhood, a young boy learns to love and accept the fantastical monsters that visit him at nighttime.

This is an independently authored and published account of a childhood experience of Guillermo del Toro as heard through public interviews, and no affiliation with or endorsement by Mr. Del Toro is claimed or implied.

CHOGRIN is an artist & storyteller from Guayaquil, Ecuador. His work is inspired by his neverending childhood and pop-culture. For the last decade he has worked in the animation industry for companies like Cartoon Network and currently works at Disney. His artwork has been featured in multiple galleries and publications around the world. He’s currently designing vinyl toys like “Guru del Toro,” as well as writing, drawing, and directing other art projects from his secret art lair in Burbank (CA).

Born in Albacete (Spain), Pakoto is an illustrator working in the world of animation. He has done visual development and character design for studios like ReelFx, Screen Novelties, and Netflix. His artwork has also been featured in numerous galleries around the world, including Gallery 1988, Gallery Nucleus, and Bottleneck Gallery.