Kids' Tarot

Gibbs Smith

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The Kids’ Tarot is a fun, interactive tool to help kids engage with some of life’s biggest questions—thoughtfully, creatively, and playfully.

This gorgeous deck helps kids explore and reveal who they are while helping them understand the world and those around them. By bringing attention to their thoughts (swords), emotions (cups), intentions (wands), and actions (coins), kids expand their self-awareness, confidence, and connection to others.

Written by author of the bestselling Fountain Tarot Deck and child psychologist Jason Gruhl, The Kids’ Tarot introduces kids to powerful characters like The Magician (imagination and will power), The Hermit (quiet observation and focus), and Strength (courage and determination)—giving them ways of naming the many different parts of themselves. Friends can ask each other questions by using the cards to spark rich conversations. Parents can use them for exploring new ways of thinking about something after a hard day at school. Or they are perfect for using on your own when looking for guidance.

This beautiful deck is a touchstone that begins to put kids in the driver’s seat of their own lives—uncovering hidden gifts, truths, and possibilities.

Jason Gruhl believes that all kids are smart, brave, kind, and creative, and he writes books to help them remember that. As an author and psychotherapist for children and adults, Jason is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and to helping them realize their power and potential. He is the author of the bestselling Fountain Tarot deck.

Kristina Kister is an illustrator from Essen, Germany. Her work includes books like Unicorns, Myths, and Monsters, The Book of Stolen Dreams, and All About Dragons.