Llamacorn Cookbook

Gibbs Smith

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The one-horned animals of Llamacorn Land are excited to share their favorite snacks and treats with you!

Everyone knows the Llamacorn, the kindest of the animals in Llamacorn Land, who is happy to share his cookies and play games all day long. Now kids can make Llamacorn’s Meringue Cookies at home, along with Enchanted Unicorn Horns, Girafficorn’s Cloud Cakes, Baked Snowflakes, Snakicorn’s Loop-de-Loop Pretzels, Laa-Tee-Dah Pink Limeade, and more. Try all 45 recipes, both as savory and sweet. Snacktime has never been more fun!

Barbara Beery is the founder of two children's culinary businesses and the author of twenty cookbooks. Barbara has spent thirty years teaching thousands of children cooking skills and the love of food through year-round classes, birthday cooking parties, and summer cooking camps. For more information go to www.barbarabeery.com.