Love Means Never Having to Say Anything At All

Gibbs Smith

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Amusing affirmations and witty pickup lines to send to your favorite introvert, from the creator of Introflirted.

Love Means Never Having to Say Anything At All is a hilarious collection of postcard notes created by introvert, designer, and illustrator Josh Ryan Higgins. Each graphically bold illustration is paired with a humorous note such as: “I’ll never throw you a surprise party,” “It's fine if we talk with our pets a bit more than each other,” “I’ll be the middle seat conversation buffer,” and “Let’s stay in tonight, and every other night.” Each postcard is perforated so you can share the love with all your favorite introverts, whether they’re your significant other, best friend, roommate, or a cute stranger.

Josh Ryan Higgins is an illustrator, designer, and introvert based in Houston, Texas. Professionally designing since 2011, Josh connects with people through humor and shared experience. Introflirted: 31 Love Notes for Introverts was his first postcard book.