Love of Home

Gibbs Smith

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Effortlessly merging modern and traditional, Kate Marker reveals her secrets for designing a gorgeous home that inspires connection.

Home is more than where the heart is— it’s where life happens. From early morning coffee to dinners with family and friends, Kate Marker establishes tailor-made spaces for thriving in your home each day. Whether it is maximizing comfort or creating efficient family-centered design, this is your guide to defining a vision for your home that embodies togetherness. The three foundations of every design should include:

Beauty - At the heart of every design, beauty is integral to enriching our lives and bringing joy to the everyday.
Balance - Harmony is achieved by employing design techniques that are curated and timeless.
Belonging - Special spaces are created by building an atmosphere unique to you and your family.

Kate Marker is the principal designer and owner of Kate Marker Interiors. An artist at heart, Kate has been honing her talents while developing her signature fresh, timeless look since 2000. Kate lives in Barrington, Illinois with her husband, their two daughters, and their two dogs.