Maria Trolle’s Universe Coloring Book

Gibbs Smith

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Enter the wonderfully whimsical universe of Maria Trolle! This anniversary collection brings together 70 of Maria’s best-loved illustrations and 22 new scenes for you to color and explore.

Welcome to Maria Trolle’s Universe!

Enter a world of lush greenery and whimsical fantasy. Smell the scents of gardens in full bloom and bathe in the warmth of the sun seeping through the forest canopy. Pause by the babbling brook to say hello to Luna, Myra, and the fairies and magical animals of the forest. Calm your mind and let the colors of your imagination brighten this magical kingdom, from its magnificent landscapes to the butterflies flitting through the foliage.

In this collection, you’ll get to revisit your favorite places and figures from Maria Trolle’s previous works and wander new paths through worlds created specifically for this anniversary edition. The book also contains a register of the plant and animal species that appear in the illustrations.

Maria Trolle is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Tyresö, outside Stockholm, Sweden. Her passion for gardening inspires her art, which is filled with plants, vegetables, flowers, and whimsical creatures of all kinds.