Medias naranjas: El Catrin & La Catrina

Gibbs Smith

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Introduce your little ones to El Catrin and La Catrina, the welcoming pair of the land of the dead – in both English and Spanish!

Who’s your other half, your media naranja?

This is the story of a beloved pair that is not often told, the dapper El Catrin and the graceful La Catrina, dressed to impress and ready to welcome new souls to a festivity that is held yearly. Surrounded by enchanting marigolds, scented candles, and an abundance of pan de muerto, this bony pair throws a celebration like ones never seen before. Together, El Catrin and La Catrina become guides, ushering souls to their new abodes and casting light on the transition from one life stage to the most magnificent afterlife. Heartwarming with a touch of humor, this bilingual English-Spanish board book is a treasure for little readers, paying tribute to the eternal connection between the living and the departed.

Parents will adore this bilingual English-Spanish board book as it pays a sweet homage to our loved ones and the guiding pair that welcomed them to their new homes.

Nayeli Reyes was born in Mazatlán, Mexico. She is Emilio’s mother, a chef and photographer specialized in food and products. She recalls devouring any book that came to her hands at a young age; with a special weakness for children’s books; now she’s trying to share this lovely activity with Emilio. She likes to combine her love for books with her cooking, creating recipes inspired by literature for her YouTube channel. In her spare time, you may find her doing DIY projects: crochet, watercolor or origami, baking sourdough bread and playing with Emilio and her husband Alejandro. She lives in Jalisco, Mexico.

Ellia Ana Hill is a Puerto Rican cut paper illustrator and artist. She creates hand cut whimsical illustrations from a mix of vintage and modern papers. Her work is influenced by her familia, pop culture, toys, retro goodness, curly hair, and childhood adventures. Ellia earned a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with an emphasis on illustration and creative writing. The No Boy is her first published children’s book and is based off one of her children. She has also participated in gallery shows by Netflix, Disney, American Horror Story, Hasbro, and more – all the while raising 6 kids with her husband. Ellia and her family live in Milwaukee, WI.