Milo + Niko

Gibbs Smith

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Introduce your little ones to the power of imagination and the thrill of adventures, like exploring the jungle, from the comfort of their homes in both English and Spanish!

Where does your imagination travel when you're bored and stuck inside? Milo, an energetic girl confined to Abuelita’s plant shop, spends her time roaming the aisles and checking out knick-knacks. She finds that she isn’t alone – a Bengal tiger is loose in the shop! Together, after earning each other’s trust, they delve into the deep, dark rainforest of plants and head to their first of many adventures.

D Guzman is a latine Illustrator for picture books and freelance. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her partner, two cats, dog, many fish and her own jungle of houseplants. D loves to take road trips and travel with her partner to find inspiration. When she’s not illustrating children’s books, she runs an at-home print shop along with creating and selling her own illustration prints online. D has worked with Target and Pollen Midwest. She has exhibited her work with Family Tree Clinic and Light Grey Art Lab. Her website is: