Night Market - Traditional

Gibbs Smith

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As the sun sets, the streets come alive with delicious smells, music, and entertainment. The night market has something for everyone!

Night Market is a bilingual English and Chinese book that takes you on a journey through the different stalls and vendors you can expect to see at a night market. Readers will find comfort in finding some of their favorite foods and activities, and they may also be pleased to discover new things they’d like to try next time too.

Night Market also squeezes in lots of extra learning opportunities and skills, such as teaching children to read grid coordinates in the map search.

Parents will adore this eye-catching bilingual Chinese-English read due to its effortless integration of Chinese culture through the introduction of everyone’s food frenzy hotspot. Children will love the playful artwork and exploring the various components of the night market, which help to make learning so much fun for everyone!

Meet Lulu Cheng, a wife, mom of 2 bitty babes, with her newest title - Bitty Bao Boss. Since her bitty babes were born, Lulu has worked hard to embed Chinese language and culture into everything that they do. Lulu's struggle to find cute bilingual Chinese books for her kids' bedtime soon evolved into a #bigbittydream to make Chinese board books of her own for families just like hers. She looks forward to sharing her journey of parenting, homemade Chinese teaching resources, and some late night bookmaking with you. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two children where she enjoys planning family trips, taxiing her kids to their extracurriculars, and finding the best ice cream spots around town.

A firewife, mom of two wee bitty babes, and the other half of the dynamic Bitty Bao Duo - meet Lacey Bernard. As an American-Born-Chinese woman, raised without the gift of Chinese as a second language, Lacey is hoping to now prioritize language acquisition for her children through bilingual books, cultural events, and their school district's Mandarin dual immersion program. Lacey can often be found in the middle of the night hand cutting tiny bits of paper into cute images for the Bitty Bao books and hopes that you enjoy seeing them come to life in the books as much as she does. She currently resides in Dana Point, CA with her husband and two children where she enjoys catching all of her children’s small moments, exploring new places, and eating yummy food.