Orange and the Dream of California

Gibbs Smith

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Cloaked in mystery and until modern times available only to the elite, the orange has been known as the fruit of the gods, the food of emperors, and the symbol of health, wealth, and love. The dream of California since its discovery by Europeans has been that it is a place of plenty, of potential, of personal opportunity. When the orange and California were finally linked, their partnership created a compelling fantasy and a fantastic reality.

The Orange and the Dream of California takes a lively, literary, and extraordinarily visual look at the symbiotic and highly symbolic relationship between the Golden State and its “golden apple.” Untold thousands of adventurers and health-seekers came West in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, lured by postcards of orange blossoms juxtaposed to snow-capped mountains. Orange juice became the way to start every day after Sunkist spread the word that drinking a California orange was not only as sweet and delicious as eating one, but held the promise of a healthy life. The orange became a symbol of everything California promised, and California became the center of the Orange Empire.

In 176 full-color pages and more than 250 images, author David Boulé shares the absorbing story of the orange and its impact on the culture—historic, financial, artistic, and even romantic—of California. And, he tells the tale of citriculture, the complex, captivating, and controversial world of growing the orange.

Boulé traces the orange’s roots back to Southeast Asia, and links its influence on California all the way back to Califia, a fictional warrior queen whose name became bona fide history. “The orange and California have built upon one another for hundreds of years,” explains Boulé, “crafting a vision that appeals to our universal desire for beauty, health, enchantment, and reinvention.” Boulé brings the world of the orange and California alive in words and pictures, including the spirit, the optimism, the whimsy, and the innovation of the many ambitious nonconformists involved in making the orange the symbol of California’s dream. Drink it all in, and savor every delicious drop of this “sunsational” story: The Orange and the Dream of California.

About David Boulé:
A third-generation Californian who has roots in both the southern and northern parts of the state, David Boulé has a lifelong fascination with the history, culture, achievements, and uniqueness of his home state. For decades he has scoured the country in pursuit of items and information relating to the California citrus industry. A career in marketing communication has given him particular interest and insight into how the orange helped enhance the image of California. His collection includes historic photographs, hundreds of postcards, rare advertising and marketing materials, books, newspapers and press clippings, records, posters, journals, and personal papers, along with many California orange-themed souvenirs and promotional items. Materials from his citriculture collection have been featured in several museum and library exhibits, and he has frequently lectured on the topic.