Outside In

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Designer Brian Paquette shows how a connection to nature is key in creating a meaningful and supportive home environment.

“A book heavy on interior design images and light on words highlights the beauty that comes from bringing the outdoors into a home.” —Library Journal

An honest, introspective essay introduces Paquette’s second book, which represents the most recent steps in his evolution as an interior designer. Some are ground-up homes that he worked on from the iteration, some are remodels of existing spaces in various scales, and some are furnishings of existing homes for clients. Concise chapter introductions are followed by gallery-like displays of images that the reader can become immersed in and interpret for themselves.

The twelve chapters include a selection of Paquette’s personal photographs of nature scenes that in some shape or form inspired the work, or vice versa. Sometimes a morning walk on the beach inspired the palette for a room, which was drawn out from the many textures and patterns of the earth; and sometimes the work was so much in his head that a sunset reminded him of a completed room. He loves this duality, which makes for some interesting introspection and reflection. Paquette realizes that nature’s true value is in the exact moment and the mark it will leave on his brain, perhaps to come back later as an inspired palette or a juxtaposition of textures.

For the reader, this book will prompt keener observation of the natural surroundings and how to bring those poignant moments into their own homes.

Brian Paquette Interiors was established in 2009. With a background in painting and conceptual art, Brian Paquette brings a singular point of view to the interior design scene. Rather than following a particular style, he draws inspiration from a variety of sources: architecture, travel, and the natural world, to name a few. For Brian, interior design is not something sterile or static; it is a living extension of art, meant to be touched, used, and admired. That mindset is at the heart of Brian Paquette Interiors. He divides his time between Seattle, WA, and Cannon Beach, OR.