Ring Around the Rosie

Gibbs Smith

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$12.99 USD

Introduce your little ones to the core positions of ballet with a not-so-spooky skeletal teacher – in English and Spanish!

Embark on a whimsical journey with our enchanting bony skeleton ballerina as she pirouettes through the delightful pages of this captivating board book. Step into the world of classical ballet, where the five core positions come to life with each graceful twirl. Set to the familiar tune of “Ring Around the Rosie,” this engaging tale invites young readers to sing along in English and Spanish with our skeletal star. But keep an eye out for an unexpected spectator that might cause some tumbles and falls!

Parents will adore this bilingual English-Spanish board book as it introduces little ones to the art of ballet with a not-so-spooky twist.

Patricia Romanov is an illustrator working in the animation industry, she loves classic cartoons, children’s horror tales and fireside stories. She has worked in the fashion industry, publishing, as well as in film and TV productions as a character designer and concept artist.