Sábado / Saturday

Gibbs Smith

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Introduce your little ones to the celebratory milestone of graduation and how one’s family will always support dreams and goals, both in English and Spanish!

2022 Best Books for Little Ones, New York Public Library

Inspired by Mesoamerican pictorial manuscripts, particularly the Aztec codices, this almost-textless hardcover celebrates the perseverance it takes to graduate and how family will always be there to see you from the beginning to the end – walking across the stage.

Perfect for graduation celebrations, this book will honor the hard work it takes to graduate and how one’s family is the reason for one’s success.

Jorge Garza is a Mexican-American illustrator from Indiana, where he currently resides. Jorge is best known for an art style mashing up Aztec art and pop culture called Azteca Pop. Jorge's art went viral with his Azteca Pop drawings of various cultural icons and his ongoing art series highlighting essential and frontline workers. His artwork has exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago as well as the Amor Eterno art gallery in Oakland. He also enjoys writing and drawing his own comic books.