Sauce Up Your Boards

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Elevate your boards and meals with over 250 easy-to-make condiment recipes that add a burst of flavor and a lot of style to what you serve.

Sauce Up Your Board by Hillary Davis is a must-have cookbook of over 250 super-simple, healthy recipes for condiments to complement everything from brunch to buffets, family dinners, barbeques, picnics, holidays, and special occasions presented in a chic and sophisticated way. A condiment board is set in the middle of the table, on a counter, or on picnic blanket, and holds a selection of condiments for tasty embellishments for the other food choices. Much like charcuterie boards, condiment boards gather together in one place a variety of offerings for people to enjoy and share—think updated and upscaled lazy Susans. Or, you can add little pots, sprinklings, smears, and drizzles of these flavorful additions to your cheese, meat, fruit, vegetable, or sweets boards.

You will find creative and easy recipes for mayonnaises, ketchups, mustards, vinegars, flavored oils, vinaigrettes, dressings, toppers, salts and seasonings, flavored sugars, butters, jams, chutneys, pickles, relishes, sauces, dips, and spreads that take your boards and dishes to tasty new levels.

Hillary Davis has a degree in economics from Columbia University in New York and a graduate degree in international relations from Cambridge University in England. She is a cookbook author, contributing journalist, cooking instructor, and lecturer. She also has been a food and travel lecturer on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines, as well as frequently judging cooking competitions. Davis also writes a popular weekly Substack newsletter called DestinationFood. She currently lives in the Hamptons, New York City, and spends several months a year in France.