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Nashville interior designer Jonathan Savage stands apart for his clean, contemporary designs, exquisite use of artwork, and less-is-more sophistication.

“Award–winning interior designer Savage’s breathtaking book starts with a solid foundation of design principles….His book gives readers the nitty-gritty designer’s perspective of clients’ wants and needs….Stunning photographs show off each project.”—Library Journal

His passion is for contemporary design with a fresh approach, but contemporary does not always mean all-neutral, minimal rooms. He uses layers, art, fabrics, furnishings, and décor to banish any thoughts of a cold, sparsely decorated home.

“I realize that creating a home is a major investment, so I want to make sure that each one that I design works for the people who live in it. In my view, rooms only come alive when people use them, so I’m a fan of spaces that draw people in every day.”

In his first book, Savage writes personally about his interior design foundation and philosophy. “I believe that the classical principles of design—balance, harmony, form, proportion, scale, repetition, contrast—are foundational, enduring, and immutable. And I follow them always—even when I break what other people consider to be the rules,” he says. His ultimate goal is to design homes to be welcoming, comfortable for the people who live in them, and beautiful in every way. Featured homes are mostly in the South—Nashville, TN; Rosemary Beach, FL; Kiawah Island, SC—and one in London.

Hailing from Nashville, Jonathan Savage is the consummate Southerner by birth, and his energetic personality makes him a sought-after designer regionally and internationally. With his Southern warmth, he easily connects with an array of personalities with different tastes and budgets. Jonathan gleaned a richer knowledge of fine art, sculpture, and antiques at the American University in London. He then earned a BFA in interior design from O’More College of Design in Tennessee. After working in New York City, he now resides in Palm Beach and Nashville, where he was named the 2016 top designer by Nashville Lifestyles magazine.