Singing / Cantando: La Cucaracha

Gibbs Smith

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Introduce your little ones to the charming nursery rhyme, La Cucaracha, with mechanisms – in both English and Spanish!

Grab your dancing shoes, it’s time to put on a show! Introducing an interactive spin-off series with a musical twist, welcome to Singing – Cantando: La Cucaracha.

This vibrant bilingual interactive songbook invites little ones to join the fun with the classic nursery rhyme La Cucaracha, presented in both English and Spanish. Watch as they learn to twist and twirl alongside the charming Cucaracha, dancing her way through the heartwarming song.

But the musical adventure doesn’t end there! Flip to the back of the book to discover a QR code unlocking the melody of La Cucaracha in both English and Spanish. Your little ones can sing along with the delightful characters in the book, turning every reading into a musical celebration!

Parents will adore this bilingual English and Spanish board book as it teaches little ones not only the lyrics behind one of Mexico’s most beloved nursery rhymes but also allows them to mimic this lively cockroach’s dance and beat by using the book’s mechanisms.

Nayeli Reyes was born in Mazatlán, Mexico. She is Emilio’s mother, a chef and photographer specialized in food and products. She recalls devouring any book that came to her hands at a young age; with a special weakness for children’s books; now she’s trying to share this lovely activity with Emilio. She likes to combine her love for books with her cooking, creating recipes inspired by literature for her YouTube channel. In her spare time, you may find her doing DIY projects: crochet, watercolor or origami, baking sourdough bread and playing with Emilio and her husband Alejandro.

Citlali Reyes is a Mexican illustrator. Since she was a child, she has always loved doodling and telling stories through images; this drew her to the enchanting world of illustration, where she has resided for almost ten years. In 2014, she partnered with Lil’ Libros to create their first three books, and over time, she has illustrated more than thirty bilingual children’s books for the publisher. Now, she finds herself in a new adventure as the author and illustrator of her debut book, Sana, sana, colita de rana. When she is not drawing for countless hours, Citlali enjoys reading, stargazing, or playing around with her camera.