Small and Mighty

Gibbs Smith

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A fill-in activity journal for finding one’s place in the world and becoming an activist for the things you feel passionately about.

Feel like you don’t have a voice? You do. Think your opinion doesn’t matter? It does. This engaging, illustrated journal is a rallying cry for young people. Small & Mighty challenges budding changemakers to investigate their complex world, valuable strengths, potential careers, and their utterly irreplaceable selves.

Six themed chapters with dynamic, interactive layouts feature inspirational stories about real-life role models, self-reflective worksheets, checklists, and suggested activities anyone can do to hone in on their passions.

Nicole LaRue, a graphic designer and illustrator, embodies small and mighty. She believes every person, no matter their size, age, color, or status can help create positive social change. Called upon at the eleventh hour to create the official logo for the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, she is no stranger to mighty work. Her clients include, Chronicle Books, Abram’s Books, Oxford University Press, Compendium, Inc., Madison Park Greetings, Johnson & Johnson, Chat Books, Tiny Prints, DC Shoes, American Eagle, and more. See her work at