Stick It!

Gibbs Smith

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Tap into creative crafting with a resource found in homes and offices all over the world: the sticky note!

Stick It! champions the versatility of the humble sticky note with forty projects divided into three categories: Wall Art, Origami, and Decorations. Ideas range from a colorful lampshade to a functional wall calendar; from origami flowers and boxes to a graphic table runner.

Jazz up your cubicle, dorm room, or office by embellishing a wall with:

  • a massive 200+ sticky note octopus,
  • a soothing scene of geometric tiles,
  • a Halloween/Day of the Dead skull,
  • a ruffled peacock,
  • or a threatening rain cloud.

There is a project to suit everyone, and patterns to utilize throughout the year (Valentine's Day and birthday cards, daisy chains and Christmas holly to name a few . . . ). With easy instructions and step-by-step illustrations, anyone can indulge their creativity, no matter your ability.

Bridget Dove is a creative crafter. She does a wide range of work for books, magazines, and newspapers, from propping sets to writing and illustrating.