Thank You Times a Million

Gibbs Smith

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Celebrate your favorite people with this quirky fill-in-the-blank series of books, new from Gibbs Smith.

One million times better than a run-of-the-mill thank you card, this super fun fill-in-the-blank book is the perfect gift to give to a loved one, best friend, parent, sibling, or even a work spouse to say Thank You Times a Million. Let the amazing people in your life know how grateful you are for them with prompts such as these: I feel honored to have such a ______ human being for a ______; Without you, the world would be so much more ______; Thanks for saving my _____ that one time I _____!; When life throws a wrench into things, you’re the perfect example of being _____ and _____; Thank you for being the freakishly remarkable, crazily incredible, and outrageously ________ human that you are!