VÁMONOS: Antigua Jumbo Puzzle 48 Piece

Gibbs Smith

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$19.99 USD

Inspired by our travel board book VÁMONOS: Antigua, introduce your little ones to the charming city of Antigua, Guatemala, with this jumbo puzzle!

Come aboard Lil' Libros' next flight to the vibrant Central American city of Antigua, Guatemala, with this jumbo puzzle! Introduce your little ones to this charming city's lively culture and setting while enhancing their fine motor and problem-solving skills – the perfect learning activity to its companion board book, VÁMONOS: Antigua.

Parents will want to get their hands on this new jumbo puzzle activity to engage their little ones in the beauty of exploring new destinations and cultures while strengthening their development skills.

Puzzle Pieces: 24.026 x 24.05

Ana Godinez is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she studied English Literature and Fine Arts. She lends her artistic hand as graphic designer for several companies and organizations in Los Angeles, working to create projects that include branding, websites, social media campaigns, murals, and commissioned abstract paintings. Today, Ana is the Creative Director of Akash Winery & Vineyard and Lead Designer at Lil’ Libros. Her most challenging project is tackling the illustrations of VÁMONOS, a travel series by Lil’ Libros that takes readers on a ride through the sights and sounds of Latin American. When Ana is not glued to her computer, she's out looking for inspiration through traveling, walking her dog, and looking for food.